About us

*Our photos taken by Hannah McSwain | @Hannahpickle

HI! we are

Brittney + joey

of clarity film co.

We live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, more specifically, in the beautiful city of Ocean Springs. We have been together 12 years & counting, and together, we share four precious rescue pups.... Yep, F O U R!

You can see their sweet faces below!

What we love:

The Kansas City Chiefs

South Park

The Office


Sunset photos



Happy, enthusiastic couples

And obviously, having the opportunity to work together to create a unique experience for each couple & every wedding we have the privilege of taking part in.

When we aren't shooting weddings, you can probably find Brittney:

watching a documentary, without a doubt.

Brittney's fast facts:

  • loves cold brew coffee
  • true crime know-it-all
  • will bring the creative energy to life on wedding day
  • always has red-painted fingernails
  • has a degree in Fashion Merchandising

When we aren't shooting weddings, you can probably find Joey:

ringside, shooting photos + videos for various MMA companies.

Joey's fast facts:

  • loves hot coffee
  • loves anything on the History channel
  • will be your hype man on wedding day
  • collects + sells sports trading cards
  • is a perfectionist in every sense of the word
  • former DJ + music producer